Barbara Velazquez, Ph.D.

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist




Know your gifts.

Discover your purpose.

Live your dreams.

I work mainly with adults, adolescents and couples and I treat a variety of issues with special emphasis on depression and "caretaker" personalities. Caretakers are always there for others, but often feel overwhelmed and like no one is ever there for them when they need help. I work with these clients to help build boundaries, I teach them to nurture themselves and how to form healthy give-and-take relationships. Above all, I help them develop their unique gifts and to find their purpose in life.

Where appropriate, and desireable, I utilize transpersonal and humanistic psychology to work with issues of a spiritual nature. With these techniques, I help the client to integrate his or her deepest and most meaningful values into day to day life.

The Authentic, Congruent Life

Living an authentic congruent life means living a life that is consistent with your values.The key to living such a life is self awareness, vision and motivation.  So many of us live lives that "chose us" rather than living the life we were meant to live. Henry David Thoreau once wrote that "the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" meaning that most of us simply subsist, we live each day waiting for it to come to an end. For many, economic pressures and societal expectations make it appear to be even more difficult to take control of your destiny and follow your calling.


NJ Lic. # 4027

 2115 Millburn Avenue

 Suite 100-3

Maplewood NJ 07040


Dr. Barbara Velazquez recieved her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Seton Hall University in 1999. She has over 13 years of clinical experience and has been in private practice for 6 years. Her orientations include insight oriented coupled with cognitive approalches. For those interested, her orientation includes Humanistic, Transpersonal and Esoteric psychological approaches.

Dr. Velazquez is founder and President of the Spiritual Unity Network, a 501 (c) (3)  non-profit organization aimed at assisting an evolving humanity in its next step forward, and inspiring a sense of personal responsibility for human and planetary wellbeing.

She is also founder of the Taskforce for Humanity Coalition a community of progressive individuals and organizations united in vision and values whose goal is to cultivate a more enlightened, peaceful and compassionate world 

Dr. Velazquez is a former adjunct professor at Kean University and the College of St. Elizabeth teaching traditional psychology courses. She has also taught courses on Metaphysics and Advanced Metaphysics for the Center for Ancient Wisdom and assisted in teaching courses for the Seven Ray Institute.

Past President of the Surya Chapter of the Theosophical Society.

Numerous presentations in Traditional and Transpersonal Psychology including:

  • Spiritual Psychology and the Wisdom Tradition
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Workshops on the 7 Rays and Esoteric Psychology
  • Workshops on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator

What I do

I use a unique blend of coaching to identify and achieve goals and psychotherapy to understand and overcome blockages and fears that interfere with the fulfillment of your dreams. Some of the issues I may help the client address are to:

  • Gain insight into the source of problems
  • become aware of outdated coping strategies
  • Identify, evaluate and clarify values
  • Create a vision and goals
  • Discover, where possible, their higher purpose
  • Develop a personal mission statement
  • Gain insight into sources of self-sabotage
  • become aware of hidden fears
  • to believe in themselves and their ability to succeed
  • become self motivated and self disciplined
  • develop an action plan



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Joyful Work

There are many who would say that carving out a niche on the intersection of traditional psychology and metaphysics is an impossible dream. but I have created that reality for myself. And each time I help a client discover their life's purpose or live their dream or to pursue their vision of a better world, my own life becomes richer and more authentic. One aspect of my own life's purpose is to help others reach for and achieve their higher potential. The journey is just as rewarding as attainment.  And you know you are living authentically when what you are doing with your life is pure joy and you could do it all day and all night without growing tired of it. Does that sound impossible? If so then it is time to take control of your destiny and create the reality you were meant to live.